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  1. DBSA 2 published

    The AIVD, MIVD and NCTV indicate in a joint report, Dreigingsbeeld Statelijke Actoren 2, that Dutch knowledge institutions and ...

    News item | 17-01-2023 | 15:48

  2. In December, the AWTI published the advisory report: ‘Knowledge in Conflict - Balancing Security and Freedom.’

    In its advisory report, the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) answered the question: 'How should ...

    News item | 16-01-2023 | 19:46

  3. Tools and frameworks: case studies

    It can be difficult to create risk profiles for collaborations or frameworks in the field of knowledge security. Existing tools ...

    News item | 29-07-2022 | 02:26

  4. New: English website of National Contact Point for Knowledge Security

    The English website of the National Contact Point (NCP) for Knowledge Security was launched today. Check out the website.

    News item | 22-04-2022 | 00:00

  5. Frequently asked questions about cooperation with Russian Federation and Belarus

    The National Contact Point for Knowledge Security has seen an increase in the number of questions from knowledge institutions ...

    News item | 22-03-2022 | 00:00