DBSA 2 published

The AIVD, MIVD and NCTV indicate in a joint report, Dreigingsbeeld Statelijke Actoren 2, that Dutch knowledge institutions and scientists are being targeted by state actors executing large-scale (digital) activities to acquire knowledge in the Netherlands. According to the report, this acquisition takes place using a wide range of legal and illegal methods and there is a risk of unwanted end-use for military purposes.

China, Russia and Iran

China poses the greatest threat to Dutch knowledge security, according to the report. Chinese interest is focused on high-end technological knowledge. In addition to China, the report explicitly mentions Russia and Iran. According to the intelligence agencies, Russia has 'a strong need for Western technology and equipment, because the country is trying to catch up with its technological backlog in several areas'. From Iran, there is far-reaching interest in Dutch technical universities.

The intelligence agencies conclude that a coordinated approach within the Dutch government is necessary to improve Dutch knowledge security to respond to the legal and illegal ways in which undesirable knowledge transfer occurs.

In need of advice?

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