What is knowledge security?

Knowledge security is first and foremost about preventing the undesirable transfer of sensitive knowledge and technology. Transfer is undesirable if it compromises our country’s national security. Knowledge security also entails the covert influencing of education and research by other states. Such interference places academic freedom and social safety in jeopardy. Finally, knowledge security involves ethical issues that can be at play in collaboration with countries that do not respect fundamental rights.

The protection of national security is one of the core duties of the government. For this reason, the Dutch central government plays an active role in knowledge security by providing knowledge institutions with information and scope for action, in addition to setting frameworks as needed.

From 2022, knowledge institutions will be able to contact the central government’s National Contact Point for Knowledge Security. Here you will receive information and advice on questions regarding international cooperation in relation to knowledge security. If you still have questions after reading this introduction, contact us.