Here you can ask your question to the National Contact Point for Knowledge Security.

Please provide accurate information to the National Contact Point enabling us to  answer your specific question as quickly and accurately as possible. In the form below you will find further information about what we need. If we need additional information, we will contact you.
Please make sure that you do not send personal data from third parties to the Contact Point.

  • In case  you have a question about the Learning Community of the Knowledge Security Desk or a question about a (networking) event organized by the Knowledge Security Desk, please send an email to
  • In case  you have information that you think may be important to the AIVD (the General Intelligence and Security Service), for example about terrorism or espionage,  please call the AIVD on 079-320 50 50. You can also write to the AIVD.

Please read this information first:

  • The Knowledge Security Desk regularly receives questions regarding the appointment of individual researchers and/or the admission of individual students.
  • When appointing an individual, the Contact Point can advise on the risks that arise from the state actor and/or the institution with which this candidate is affiliated. However, the Contact Point does NOT conduct any investigation into specific persons. For this reason, we do not advise you whether or not you can hire a specific person. This also means that the Contact Point cannot receive documents containing personal data (e.g. CVs). 
  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is working on a bill, the Knowledge Security Screening Act. This bill concerns the introduction of mandatory screening of researchers and students (from third countries) in specific high-risk research areas/training courses) to promote knowledge security. 
  • A proposal for this law is currently being developed. Until this law comes into effect, it is up to knowledge institutions to shape their appointment and admission policy.
  • We strongly  request that you make sure to NOT send any personal data or documents containing personal data when submitting a question. In case you are unsure whether this is the case, you can always consult the Contact Point by telephone before submitting a question.

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