About us: submit your question to the National Contact Point

The Dutch central government supports knowledge institutions in reaching their own decisions on knowledge security and international collaboration. It has set up a national contact point for expertise and advice for this purpose.


The National Contact Point for Knowledge Security provides information and advises knowledge institutions who are involved in international collaboration. Institutions can use this advice when weighing opportunities against risks. The National Contact Point is connected to all relevant departments of the Dutch central government and sector organisations, providing a single point of access for all questions about knowledge security.

Target group

Knowledge institutions can approach the National Contact Point for Knowledge Security for help with any questions about international collaboration. The National Contact Point is for anyone who is involved in international collaboration within knowledge institutions, from directors to individual researchers and lecturers.

Answer to your question

The advice issued by the National Contact Point for Knowledge Security is not legally binding and enables knowledge institutions themselves to take measures.
We aim to respond within 48 hours. In some cases we need to discuss your question with the ministry or ministries involved and the response time may be longer. We will inform you if this is the case.

Organisational structure

The National Contact Point for Knowledge Security is a nationwide initiative. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is responsible for the front office. The back office liaises with representatives of the relevant ministries.

Contact form

The National Contact Point can be reached by telephone (088 04) 26200 or using the contact form.


The National Contact Point treats all information you provide as confidential.